Why Choose an ACA Accredited Camp?


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The American Camp Association is the only nationwide organization that accredits children’s camps.

The ACA Accreditation process is a voluntary commitment by camps to the highest standards of health, safety, and program quality.

One purpose of the ACA Accreditation program is to educate camp owners and directors in the administration of key aspects of camp operation, particularly those related to program quality and the health and safety of campers and staff. The standards establish guidelines for needed policies, procedures, and practices.

The second purpose of ACA Accreditation is to assist the public in selecting camps that meet industry-accepted and government-recognized standards. ACA’s Find a Camp database is a helpful tool that assists the public in finding a best-fit summer camp.

In addition to these two primary purposes, the ACA Accreditation program:

ACA standards have been recognized by courts of law and government regulators as the standards for best practices in camp.

Accreditation vs. Licensing

Michigan Department of Human Services licenses camps in our state. Unlike inspections by state licensing bodies, ACA accreditation is voluntary. Licensing focuses on the enforcement of minimum standards. Accreditation focuses on education and the evaluation of camp operations, using standards that go beyond the minimum requirements of licensing.

Focus Areas of Accreditation