Livingston County Day Camp

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day camp director with childrenREFER AND SAVE!


You have an opportunity to save on your week of day camp. Refer a new child (one who has never been to Wildwood) who registers / pays a deposit to Wildwood Ranch Day Camp and we will give you a $10 discount off your week of day camp. You may receive $10 credit for each camper that you refer (for a full week of camp) up to the entire cost of your camp...but no refunds for extras...sorry! IMPORTANT: The camper who you refer must have a note written at the top of their application that states “Referred by YOUR CAMPER’S NAME” when the application and deposit arrives at the camp office. Any application that does not have this designation will not be eligible for credit. Obviously, campers cannot refer each other! :-)


As you can see, this is an incredible opportunity for your child to invite friends to share in their day camp experience and save on the cost at the same time! It's truly "WIN-WIN"!


Referral Discounts can be applied to all camps...including our Specialty Camps!



If you register for more than one week of Day camp, you can save $5.00 off of each week your child attends Day Camp. Even if you initially only sign up for only one week and then your child decides that she loves it...you still get the discount on the later weeks!


Register early and receive discounts off your week(s) of day camp!

Returning campers can receive $20 off of one week of camp this year if you register and pay a deposit by May 1. Please include the discount coupon that you received in the mail.

All campers who register by May 1 will receive $15.00 off of each week they register and pay a deposit (only one early bird discount per week registered).

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