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Wildwood Ranch offers Outdoor Education programs that will connect with your students and enhance learning. Choose from the list below.

Michigan Wildlife

Our presenter will use live Michigan wildlife- reptiles, amphibians, mammal, and birds - along with specimens (furs, antlers, mounts, pictures, etc.) to help your students learn about the wide variety of Michigan wildlife.

Topics of Discussion Around "Michigan Wildlife":

- Fish Characteristics
- Amphibian Characteristics

- Reptile Characteristics

- Mammal Characteristics

- Bird Characteristics

- Habitat loss and imperiled wildlife 

The "Michigan Wildlife" course is offered on our camp at our Wildthings Nature Center or at your school as a traveling program.

Michigan 1763, Living History

Meet a Coureur de Bois (French-Canadian Independent fur trader) who will interact with your students and help them understand what life was like in Michigan 250 years ago. Understand the impact Native American cultures (Potawatomi, Ojibwa, Ottawa, and Huron) and European Colonial cultures (French, British) had on each other in 1763 during Michigan's colonial period. Also, learn about the tools and skills needed to survive in the North Woods over 250 years ago. Presenter will be in historically correct dress and have tools of the trade for living in the wilderness including tomahawks, knives, and musket with black powder.

Topics of Discussion Around "Michigan 1763, Living History":

- Native American cultures

- French Colonial culture

- British Colonial Culture

- The Fur Trade

- French and Indian War

- Pontiacıs War

The "Michigan 1763, Living History" course is offered on our camp or at your school as a traveling program.

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