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One of the  most exciting ventures that Wildwood Ranch has undertaken is the Discipleship Program. This year-round program is designed for young men and women who have graduated from high school and are in what James Dobson calls the "critical decade" (between 16 and 26). To download an application, click here. Recommendation forms for applicants pastor, teacher or other references may download this form here.

The goal of the Discipleship Program at Wildwood Ranch seeks to make the transition from high school to productive adulthood as smooth as possible, while laying a strong foundation upon spiritual principles. The program is two years in length. There is an application and interview process before one is accepted into the program. The focus is upon building strong disciples. The very word "disciple" in the New Testament, denotes someone that is "learning by use or practice." So a disciple is a person who, not only thinks, but who also does! So, with this biblical premise in mind, we involve those in our Discipleship Program in the following main areas of pursuit:

Goal Setting
Each intern (the title for the program participants) begins the year by setting goals for their upcoming year. These goals include, but are not limited to; ministry, personal growth, spiritual growth, professional, educational and physical fitness. After the broad goals are defined, we work to develop action steps, in the form of short-term goals.

Service at Wildwood Ranch
Interns are to work 20 - 25 hours each week at various jobs around the camp. There are many service areas available, such as: Bible Study Leader, Retreat Rentals Host, Camper Follow-up, Bi-weekly Detroit Teen Club, Outdoor Education Instructor, Team Building Course Facilitator, High Ropes Facilitator, Office Staff, Maintenance, Food Service, Full Time Summer Staff, Counseling, Housekeeping, etc.

Employment or Education
Each intern has the opportunity of either attending college full-time, working a part-time job, or some combination of the two. Outside employment should be limited to 20 - 24 hours per week.

Life Skills
Another goal of the Discipleship Program is for each intern to develop skills for independent living. Some of these skills occur naturally in a young adult living away from home for the first time. They have roommates to which they are not related, have to take care of their own living space, do their own laundry, make their own budget, cook their own meals, etc.

Bible Study
Every Tuesday evening we have a weekly Bible study at a local coffee shop that is open to the public. Each year we study in a different book of the Bible. All study is done inductively, which develops in the participants many skills for studying the Bible on their own. Interns get an opportunity to lead these Bible studies and increase their Bible teaching proficiency.

Book Study
Each Thursday afternoon, we meet for a Christian book study. Each intern reads the book and comes to the study prepared for a lively discussion. We choose books that impact the interns in personal spiritual growth. We also share a meal together each week after our study.

One - on - One Accountability
Every week each intern is required to meet with the Discipleship Program administrator, one-on-one, for an hour. This gives an opportunity for direct involvement in their lives. There is a time for prayer and encouragement. Goals that the interns set at the beginning of the year are monitored and school / work progress is discussed. The interns are accountable for their progress in each of the goal areas. This time also allows feedback from the intern about the program.

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