Leaders In Training / Wranglers In Training
Leadership Training for Serious Christians wanting to learn "servant leadership"
June 24-29, 2018

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What is L.I.T. / W.I.T.? Leaders In Training / Wranglers In Training (LIT / WIT) is not a normal week of summer camp! It's an intensive six-day leadership camp at Wildwood Ranch designed for spiritually mature Christian young people ages 13 to 17. After successful completion of LIT / WIT, campers can serve on Wildwood's Junior Staff during the summer.

Not just anyone can attend! In order to participate in L.I.T. / W.I.T. , campers must complete a questionnaire describing their Christian walk and why they desire to participate in the program. This process is much like a job application process, giving them real life experience. Space in this camp is very limited and the selection process is selective.

Who should apply? Only those who have already made commitment to follow Jesus Christ  and are serious about developing their leadership skills, opening themselves to accountability and have a desire to learn more about God and the Bible.

What is included in the schedule? The L.I.T. / W.I.T. schedule is very packed. Each participant has 3 Bible classes with homework as well as training in an activity class of their choice. Campers also have a cabin group with which they learn the day-to-day cleaning duties of the camp, to keep it running smoothly. Each camper is also in a "bond building" group which is focused on building trust and community within the community through low ropes and other initiatives. There are work projects, homework study hall, devotions, and meal times. The week is usually highlighted with a staff vs. camper soccer game.

What is the difference between L.I.T. and W.I.T.? The only difference between L.I.T. and W.I.T. is that the W.I.T.  activity time during the day is with horse training, riding and care. W.I.T. participants also help in the feeding and care of the horses early in the morning and go on a trail ride at some point during the week.

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